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Why Can’t My Lawyer Do It?

Your lawyer may have taken Lease 101. We’ve taken it 1,999 times over.

We’ve negotiated the economic elements of more than 2,000 COMMERCIAL LEASES. We will CAPITALIZE ON STRATEGIES that commonly reduce monthly rent, variable expenses and fixed costs, and enhance other delivery and occupancy conditions. (These are the business elements that few lawyers have any experience negotiating.)  We know exactly how to help you reach your goals, thereby minimizing your liabilities and maximizing your assets in a way that goes above and beyond any kind of protection a lawyer might provide.

We’ll open the negotiation.
Your attorney can close.

Certainly, you’ll need an attorney to review the legal aspects of your lease AFTER we’ve negotiated the economic elements. When our work is done, we’ll hand it over to your lawyer (and in many cases work with him or her) to finalize the 10-, 20-, sometimes 30-page document that contains the small print and LEGAL concepts of the lease.

All part of a winning team.

Your lawyer serves an important role. However, it’s unrealistic to think any one professional can do it all. Investing in the advice of other experts gives you a sound advantage in the business world. A professional lease negotiator, a financial planner, a dental CPA and a good space designer, should also all be part of your WINNING TEAM.


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Why can’t my lawyer do it?

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"I got excellent service, rendered in a highly professional manner, with a personal touch, and all at a cost that I consider more than fair."

Dr. Carolyn Schweitzer
Winchester, MA

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