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What If I Already Have A Broker?

Brokers can play too.

Of course, brokers are common players and we work together every day. However, its important to remember, BROKERS GET PAID BY LANDLORDS. That means were working on opposite sides of the table, with quite different agendas: Were motivated to get the best terms possible for you, while a broker is gunning to get the lease signed, regardless of who may be disadvantaged. Typically, a broker will steer you down the path of least resistance (the one that leads to the quickest commission), despite their Ill get you a good deal promise.

When we step into the game, brokers are relieved, because we take the burden off them. We come to the table prepared. We outline the terms of the lease quickly, negotiate professionally, and get to the bottom line efficiently -- so that all sides meet their goals.


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What if I already have a broker?

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"You taught me a great deal and helped a lot."

Dr. Christine Kallio
Catonsville, MD


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