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Why Do I Need A Professional Lease Negotiator?

Do what you do best.
Outsource the rest.

Discerning dentists know itís most cost-effective to  OUTSOURCE critical business tasks to trained specialists. This allows you to maximize your chair time and ensure that proper financial, accounting and legal strategies are in place to safeguard and grow your practices.

The wrong terms can be a life sentence.

Your lease is one of the largest and most important contracts youíll ever sign. It contains both ASSETS and LIABILITIES that will govern your tenancy forever. A poorly negotiated lease, at a minimum, may result in financial burdens, inconvenience, uncertainty and disruption of your practice. At worst, you could be held hostage by a lease if you havenít considered carefully every aspect of your occupancy future.

Here are just a few of the MANY aspects youíll have to consider:

  • How many years will I want to practice before retirement?

  • What type of facility will best serve my needs for the future?

  • How much parking will I require in the years to come?

  • Do I want a large facility to accommodate multiple associates or a small facility with limited performance pressures?



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Why do I need a professional lease negotiator?

Why canít my lawyer do it?

How does the negotiation process work?

When should I call?

What if I already have a broker?

How does George know the market rates in my area?

How much will it cost?

How do we get started?

"You are a champion in your field."

Dr. Dan Myers
Alpharetta, GA

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