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How Does The Negotiation Process Work?

We値l give you
the distinct advantage.

Typically, commercial leases are very one-sided, written in specific terms that favor the LANDLORD. We値l work with the landlord in a friendly, professional way to level the playing field and make sure YOUR rights and HIS responsibilities are clearly defined.

  1. Set goals and negotiation strategy.

    We値l start by discussing your goals and capabilities, what you have to offer the landlord and determine what LEVERAGE we may have. We値l develop with you a strong posture and negotiation strategy designed to meet your criteria and objectives for building a secure occupancy for your practice.
  2. Execute negotiation strategy.

    Based on that strategy, we値l negotiate the ECONOMIC TERMS: the rent, rate of increase, inclusions, delivery conditions, improvement allowances, etc. We値l make sure these terms favor you rather than the landlord.
  3. Prepare final documents.

    When the economic terms are finalized, we値l assist your lawyer in crafting advantageous operational terms and conditions, so the lease you sign will guarantee your occupancy SECURITY FOR YEARS to come.

A proven process.

Although every lease negotiation is unique, the process we use for achieving our clients goals is CONSISTENT. We致e secured strong, strategic leases for dentists in offices from Boston to Burbank. And we can do if for you too WHEREVER you are located. We値l confer with you every step of the way, explaining your options and the tactics we値l use to ensure your lease is fair and comprehensive. Among other things, we will:

  • Establish audit rights to make sure the landlord isn稚 overcharging you.
  • Insure that the landlord doesn稚 neglect property appearance standards.
  • Make sure that the landlord can稚 reduce your operational rights.
  • See to it that he doesn稚 ignore you when you have occupancy issues.


Our Story

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How does the negotiation process work?

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"I would recommend George Vaill with the utmost confidence. George's knowledge of his profession is the true meaning of expertise".

Dr. Douglas Katz
Hookset, NH

"I cannot say enough things about him. Besides being polite and gentlemanly, he is an awesome compliment to anyone's "kitchen cabinet".

Dr. Scott Goldstein
Coram, NY

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