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How Does George Know The Market Rates In My Area?

It’s about the process,
not the rates in your area.

Although market information gives us a broad context for our negotiations, it doesn’t change our strategic approach or negotiation tactics. We’ve developed a highly effective PROCESS based upon our insight into how a landlord establishes his rental structure, negotiation starting point and give-quotient that yields tremendous concessions in almost every negotiation, irrespective of “market rate.”

Avoid The Market Trap.

The fact that someone may be knowledgeable about local market rates and conditions does not mean they can negotiate complex lease terms and conditions. These “knowledgeable” people quickly fall into “The Market Trap.” By discussing local rates, they’re telling the landlord that we’re willing to pay “market” if only we can agree to what that is. Our approach is to let the landlord know that, regardless of what he believes the market rate is, you will only pay what your BUDGET ALLOWS.


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How does George know the market rates in my area?

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